Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Get Well Tissue Pack

Club Scrap's Delft collection is one of my favorites, and it's been inspiring some wonderful creativity all month long! Go to the first stop on the Club Scrap Hop to tour all of the awesome work, and be sure to submit your own projects to the Linky Party.

Meanwhile, I'm always on the hunt for a practical project or gift idea, and I stumbled upon a tutorial at Split Coast Stampers to make a get well gift from a travel size tissue pack. It's adorable in Delft!

I created the base unit according to the original concept and then added a sliding tray to hold the tissue pack.

Score a 4.25x11 Delft Dk. Blue Plain horizontally at .5, 3, 4, and 6.5". Create an opening for the tissue with an oval die cut or ruler and craft knife.

Score a 6.5x8.25 Delft Dk. Blue Print horizontally at 1, 2, 6.25 and 7.25". Score vertically at 1, 2, 4.5, and 5.5". Cut along solid lines as indicated in the diagram to create tabs and side walls. Apply glue to the outside walls. Fold in the long walls first, turn in the tabs at a 90-degree angle, and wrap the short walls around the tabs to form the tray.

Trim panels from the Delft 8.5x11 Quad Print were trimmed to the following measurements:

  • 7/8 x 4-1/8" (front edge of unit)
  • 2-3/8 x 4-1/8" (top of unit)
  • 3-3/8 x 4-1/8" (back wall of unit)

To create a nested opening for the tissue, first cut or die cut a larger opening into the center of the 3-3/8x4-1/8" panel. Then, center the panel onto the base unit to determine the placement of the nesting die for the smaller opening. (It took me a few tries to realize the proper order of things.)

Nest the panels onto the base unit, slide in the tray with the travel size pack, pull out the first tissue, and decorate as you wish. I stamped the "Get Well" sentiment from the Shades of Winter Greeting stamp sheet.

Now you're off to see Roni at your next stop on the hop.

Be well!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My super-easy, fool-proof watercolor technique

You're probably here because you've been hopping with Club Scrap and getting tons of inspiration on how to use the gorgeous Succulents collection. Click HERE for the full listing of participants, and don't forget to join us for the linky party!

I believe I have found the perfect medium for the three large images from the Succulents UM stamps. I cranked out half a dozen cards in a blissfully short period of time with this magical watercolor crayon technique!

You'll need a water spray bottle, the stamps, a sheet of 12x12 Ivory paper trimmed into six 4x5.25" card panels, and watercolor crayons.

1. Mount the stamp onto an acrylic block and mist somewhat generously with water. (Judging the correct amount of water is the only trick to mastering this technique. If you lack water, nothing will happen. Too much, and you'll get a big blob of nothing.) Color directly onto the stamp with watercolor crayons. Blend as many colors cas you wish.

2. While working, the water will evaporate. Have a card panel ready, re-mist the colored stamp with water, and stamp. Wow, right?

3. Without adding more color, mist the stamp once again and stamp a second time. Re-mist, and stamp a third time. You'd be surprised by how many images you can get out of one coloring session!

4. Splatter the panel with more watercolor by flicking from a water brush or toothbrush. Set the panel aside to dry, and continue experimenting with additional images and color combinations.

5. Stamp a sentiment onto each card panel with black ink, and accent with stamped script (Paris Flea Market Art Nouveau) and watercolor splatter (Dahlia Jumbo UM) stamped with Ash ink. This is where it's fun to incorporate tons of images from your stash! Mat the panels, add ribbon, and layer onto a folded card base.

I'm so pleased with how these cards turned out! Did I inspire you to give it a try?

Have fun, and don't give up if your first attempt doesn't go as planned. And never, ever judge a card until it's completely dry.

It's time to hop along to Roni's blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lots of Layers of Happy

You're probably here because of the Club Scrap Color Me Happy Blog hop. Thanks for stopping by after visiting with Pam!

It's been hectic month for a number of reasons, so I needed something quick and easy, but I also wanted it to be fabulous. I turned to my typical source of emergency inspiration and found a layout I'd pinned long ago. Here's my Color Me Happy version . . .

The background paper was made with the Dragonfly Masking Stencil, Gelatos and water on Yupo paper. Simply color across the paper with the gelatos, mist heavily with water and blend the colors. Place the stencil on top of the wet color and give it a slight scoot. Remove the stencil, and it will take the color with it. 

Clean between each impression of the stencil. Crop to 10.5" square, mat with White, and center onto a 12x12 Green Plain. The "0" center of the CS® 3x14" Grid Ruler makes this step easy and precise!

Trim one 8.5x11 Quad Print (from Club Stamp) vertically at 5 and 3.5". Trim each 3.5x11 horizontally at 8.25, 5.5 and 2.75" to create a total of eight 2.75x3.5" rectangles. Arrange across the page until satisfied with the pattern variation.

Trim a Blue mat for each rectangle to 2-7/8x3-5/8". Select a feature photo and mat with Blue, White and Brown. Fine-tune the arrangement and adhere the rectangles. Trim excess from the left and right edges of the page.

Finish the layout with a few colorful Enamel Dots, a stamped image (Paradise Jumbo UM), and a butterfly charm.

I'm typically not a one-photo-on-a-12x12-layout sort of gal, but I'm very pleased with how this page turned out!

Your next stop is with Roni. Don't miss her Color Me Happy inspiration!


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to Make a Mini Coin Envelope Book

It's time for Club Scrap's December Shades of Winter Blog Hop! Check out the full line-up at the CS Blog, and if you just left Pam's blog, you're good at following the route.

I was inspired by a project posted at Free Range Bookbinding. It didn't have a tutorial, but after a bit of trial and error, I figured it out.

These are tiny booklets made from 3x4.5" coin envelopes and materials from the Shades of Winter collection.

Rather than explain how to make one with written instructions, I chose to film a short tutorial. Enjoy!

Here is a supply list:

  • 3x4.5" Coin Envelope
  • 18" Ribbon Closure
  • 10" Waxed Linen Thread and Needle
  • 2-1/8x2-7/8 Outside Back Cover Paper
  • 2x2.75" Outside Front Cover Paper
  • (2) 2-1/8x2-3/4" Pocket Inserts
  • (3) 2-7/8x4" Inside Pages, Folded
  • 2-3/8x3" Pocket Flap Cover, Folded Vertically
  • Corner Chomper
  • Piercing Cradle
  • Awl
  • Bone Folder
  • Envelope Punch Board

Your next stop on the Shades of Winter hop is with Roni.

I wish you an efficiently crafty new year!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Paradise on a Bottle

I hope you're enjoying your tour of Paradise so far! If you've just left Pam at APeeling Paper Crafts, you're on the trail. This whole thing started at Club Scrap.

Do you ever find that sometimes you are your own source of inspiration? I wanted to create something for celebrations with this happy collection. I took a stroll through my past blog entries and saw my formula to make these clever bottle toppers!

All you need are four pieces of paper to get things started. (I used Paradise Blue/Green and Orange Pineapple/Pink for Papers A and B, and Green Leaf/Blue and Orange/Pink for Papers C and D.)

Here is the original formula:

Score 8.5x11 Papers A and B vertically at 5.75". Trim horizontally at 8.25, 5.5 and 2.75". Use a die, punch or craft knife to remove a 2" circle or square from the center of the 2.75" scored area. 

Trim 8.5x11 Papers C and D vertically at 7.25, 5 and 2.5". Cut each 2.5x11 horizontally at 5.5". Trim the 2.25x11 horizontally at 9, 6.75, 4.5 and 2.25". (If you plan to use die cuts, cut vertically at 5 and 2.5" and trim each 2.5x11 horizontally at 5.5". The rest of the sheets can be used as you wish.)

Since I occasionally succumb to my thinlit die addiction, I couldn't resist purchasing a tropical set of dies to coordinate with Paradise. I combined them with a fun "birthday" die and various sentiments from the Paradise rubber stamp sheets and before I knew it, my craft area looked like it had been hit by a tornado! (This ever happen to you?)

For die cuts that may be too large for the topper, simply adhere the element and trim the edges.

I couldn't resist slinging this retirement-themed topper on a bottle of vodka. It really works for someone who is no longer working.

I'll keep my stash of bottle toppers near my gift wrapping supplies so I'm always ready to treat a hostess or bring a last-minute gift.

Your next stop will take you to Ink Stains with Roni.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Matchbook Christmas Ornament with Video

Welcome to my stop on the Club Scrap Christmas Thyme blog hop! (Click HERE to go to the beginning of the hop.) Riding the wave of inspiration from my Literature blog hop, I decided to create a holiday version of the Mini Maze in a Matchbook.

We released a hybrid digital kit with the Christmas Thyme theme, and I used it to design a small sheet of "cutaparts" to help decorate the outside of the matchbook sleeve and the tiny book inside. (Click HERE to download the .pdf of the artwork I created for this project; print at 100%. Bonus!)

Create a "drawer handle" for the matchbook with a copper mini brad and a loop for hanging with a piece of waxed linen thread.

I designed a miniature book title for the spine of the maze book.

 The adorable tin stars are perfectly sized for the inside of the book.

Add a few miniature holiday photos to the book, and you'll have an ornament to enjoy year after year!

Click HERE to download the detailed book assembly instructions.

And check out this helpful how-to video!

Your next stop on the hop is with Julie Heyer, my favorite crafter on the Cape!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mini Maze in a Matchbook Tutorial

I pinned one of Kay's matchbook projects more than a year ago, and it gets re-pinned at least once a day. Turns out, matchbook-sized art is a "thing."

For Club Scrap's Literature blog hop, I decided to explore an easy way to make a matchbook from scratch and developed a "Maze Book" formula to easily create an inner book. The best part of the project is decorating the sleeve and book with miniature items from your stash!

The majority of supplies used in my project are from Club Scrap's Literature collection.

You'll need the following trimmed papers:

  • 3-5/8x3-1/8" Lt. Kraft (Tray)
  • 1-7/8x4-5/8" Red (Sleeve)
  • 5x7" Dk. Kraft (Maze Book)
  • 1-3/4x2-7/8" Brown (Maze Book Cover)

I used the handy new model of the Scor-Pal with grooves positioned every 1/8" and Club Scrap's new Needle Tip Glue Applicator filled with CS® Bookbinding Glue. (The best glue ever.)

1. Score the 3-5/8x3-1/8 Lt. Kraft tray paper 3/8 and 7/8" from each outside edge.

2. Score the 1-7/8x4-5/8 Red outside sleeve horizontally at 1.5, 2, 3.5 and 4".

3. Score the 5x7" Dk. Kraft maze book paper horizontally at 1.75, 3.5 and 5.25". Score vertically at 1.25, 2.5 and 3.75".

4. Score the 1-3/4x2-7/8" Brown maze book cover horizontally at 1-1/4 and 1-5/8".

5. Position the Lt. Kraft tray paper vertically, and cut vertical darts from the inner score lines to the second intersecting score line.

6. Remove the outside corners of the tray paper to create tabs and flaps, as shown.

7. Apply glue to the long outside flaps with a CS® Needle Tip Glue Applicator, fold the flaps over, and burnish with a bone folder. TIP: Always fold with the bump of the score on the inside of the fold.

8. Add a "handle" to the 1/2" area on the outside of one short flap to act as a drawer pull. Use a brad, bead, miniature hardware, or nailhead.

9. Apply glue to the outside short flaps.

10. Fold the long walls up at a 90-degree angle, turn the tabs in, and wrap the short flaps around the tabs to form the tray.

11. Apply glue to the 5/8" tab on the Red outside wrap. Secure the tab on the inside of the wrap. (This image demonstrates the best positioning of the flap during the gluing process but might be a little confusing. The goal is the form a perfect rectangle with the 5/8" tab on the inside.)

12. Position the 5x7" Dk. Kraft maze book paper horizontally. Use a scissors or ruler and craft knife to cut vertical slits into the paper. Start at the top edge of the first column, and cut down to the last intersecting horizontal score. Cut from the bottom of the center score, and stop at the last intersecting score. Cut from the top of the 3rd vertical column, and stop at the last intersecting horizontal score.

13. Accordion fold along the score lines, flipping and reversing folds as necessary to form the book. For a tutorial on how a maze book is created, watch this video.

14. Adhere the pages of the book back to back so they don't flop open.

15. Apply glue to the inside flaps of the Brown maze book cover.

16. Insert the maze book into the cover and burnish to form a secure bond. Drop the maze book into the matchbook tray.

17. Slide the tray into the Red sleeve.

18. Decorate the outside cover and maze book to heart's content! Tweezers and the needle tip glue applicator will help when working with small objects.

Let's take a closer look at the finished project!

(The little owl charm is from my stash . . . but isn't he cute?)

It's time to hop over to Ink Stains with Roni. If you want to see a master list of all bloggers involved in the hop, click HERE.

Happy mini maze matchbook making!